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We believe in the enormous potential of the Netherlands as a melting pot-destination sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices between different stakeholders on a given topic. Connecting and inspiring people with the same interests is our main goal.

There is much to learn from the Netherlands, not only from its past but also from its present; Amsterdam is an example to follow for many young entrepreneurs and stands out for its innovative nature. The Hague is a pioneer in international law studies, a base city for many NGOs and international organizations. Delft has one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world, we also offer talks on sustainability, art in Amsterdam and we will also show you how the Netherlands is a leader in agricultural production.


Agri Holland
We will take you on a journey through this agricultural country of The Netherlands, showing you what the future of farming could look like.
Art in Amsterdam
A series of curated lectures on the artistic scene of Amsterdam and the latest artistic developments throughout the city.
International Law
In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working daily to build a more peaceful and just world. Coming from all over the world they work together on solutions to global problems with a focus on using new technologies to help accelerate peace, justice and security worldwide.
Sustainable Holland
For many years, Holland has led the world in new innovations and policies that strive to increase sustainability. Through combined efforts in transportation, energy and industry, the Netherlands’ sustainable infrastructure serves to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.
Science & Technology
The Netherlands has cultivated an exceptional ecosystem for disruptive innovation and development in high-tech and science, talented information technology workers, and aspiring entrepreneurship.

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• Access to courses from anywhere and at any time.

• Online programs are based on a structure of weekly assignments and due dates.

• As you increase your knowledge and skills in your area of study, you will also hone your digital skills with technology.


The most complete model that has the best of two worlds.

• A series of online programs with talks and exercises that will serve as an introduction to the different subjects.

• Travel to the Netherlands where we will combine visits to the most relevant places, talks with professionals and cultural attractions in different parts of the country.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Yes, we propose 5 main themes but you can create customized programs and with different duration.

High school & university students, companies and groups with specific interests.

Journey Up creates academic experiences combined with tourism by offering visits to the most relevant places and with talks that educate but above all inspire; This is why we go a bit outside the traditional model of university programming, which we believe helps to have more flexibility. We offer an attendance certificate.
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