Academic Journeys

Academic Journeys

Academic tourism in The Netherlands

As a DMC company, we have created a new tourism model in a broader sense than the conventional one; a union between the excursions that best present the heritage of the country with a series of talks and inspiring excursions that bring the most innovative side of Holland to light, where creative and sustainable developments are applied to many sectors.

There is much to learn from the Netherlands, both past and present; Amsterdam is an example for many young entrepreneurs and stands out with its innovative character. The Hague is a pioneer in international law degrees, and a hub for many NGOs and international organisations. Delft has one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world. Often, visitors don’t get to see this. There seems to be a gap between the focus of most tourist organisations and the real product this country has to offer.

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Academic Journeys

International Law, Art and Sustainability

"Amsterdam and the rest of the country have all the resources for innovation and recreational options. This legacy offers a mixture of culture and modernity. We believe that by using those available products, visitors and the inhabitants of the cities benefit mutually."
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