• Dutch History: a battle against water

    God created the world but the dutch created The Netherlands

Why Guiarte Tours?

Showing the culture, history and customs from a local point of view is the true objective of our team. A 100% personalised service.

Curated experiences

Due to their innovative identity, the Dutch are not afraid of changes and they care about keeping their traditions alive.

Let's go with the flow

Because many times you want to let yourself go and make decisions at the moment, we will include a direct line with our team that will help you with restaurant reservations, attractions or special requests during your stay. A true Concierge service.

Conscious tourism

A commitment to sustainable tourism best practices, including environmentally-friendly operations, support for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and social and economic benefits to local people, is an increasingly essential aspect for success.


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Battle against water

“God created the earth, but the Dutch created The Netherlands”

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